What’s Next for the Batman Arkham Series?


I have spent the last two weeks in a dark with the Dark Knight (no, not some romantic liaison I had with someone). That’s a solid 14 days of putting the PlayStation 4 version of Rocksteady’s masterpiece through its paces. I am not going to review the game here as it’sbeen done to death and at this point, there is nothing new I could tell you about the title. Let me just say though, the game is awesome, I have no complaints whatsoever and you need to buy it. I cannot help but wonder where the series goes from here. Hmm….

We Are Done!

Rocksteady has gone to considerable lengths to let people know that Batman Arkham Knight is the end of this story. That’s cool and I get that after three games as well as Arkham Origins and Blackgate being part of this series that they feel it has ran its course. But I have read a few interviews with Rocksteady and they always seem to specifically mention Batman… which I find interesting and brings me to my next “theory”.

Time For A New Hero

There was a rumor a couple years back that Rocksteady was actually working on a game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As far as I am aware, Activision still has at least one game left with their current deal with Nickelodeon that lets them make Ninja Turtles games, so Ninja Turtles are out. But what about a game based on Superman?, The Flash?, Green Lantern?, Green Arrow or one of the countless other DC Super Heroes? There is almost a never ending list of great characters that Rocksteady could make use of and perhaps the best progression of the Arkham series is with new super heroes.

Arkham Knight Already Tested The Waters

Arkham Knight gave us an extensive number of characters to play with. Even if you did not purchase any of the extra content in the game you get to play as Batman (duh!), Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and Joker. That’s a lot of characters and while you do not spend a great deal of time with the other toons, it was pretty cool and makes me want a full on Justice League game based around a few main characters.

They Could Look To TV For Their Inspiration

If Rocksteady decided that they really are totally done with Batman, then they could fit in with the style of games while taking inspiration from Arrow and The Flash. Arrow, in particular I think would make for a fantastic and very similar type of game to the Arkham series – adding The Flash to the mix and his list of “meta humans” to fight as bosses would be really interesting. Arrow and Flash in the TV universe have a fantastic chemistry and I think Rocksteady could do an amazing job making a game around that, not to mention other DC characters featured in the show like Arsenal, Black Canary, The Atom, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd and many more. This is a universe tailor-made for a video game and I can think of no one better than Rocksteady to do it.

There Is Always Going To Be More Batman

No spoilers here, but with the way Arkham Knight ended, you really could see this being the end of the series, but Batman is huge. Batman video games, no matter if they are amazing like this series or just barely average, will always sell. So no matter if Rocksteady is done, you better believe that WB Games would want to continue to have Batman games in production. Maybe a new developer (scary thought I know) will step in and start from scratch. No matter what though there is always going to be more Batman!

In The Meantime, What About A PS4, Xbox One Arkham Collection?

This was rumored a few months back, and it has been said for a while that there is going to be some kind of “Arkham Collection” released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC that will feature Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Not sure why Arkham Origins is not part of the rumored collection, but hey we’ll take what we can get.