Wash yourself in the Sith Lord’s tears


It appears Star Wars is still a thing. Who knew!?
With the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens coming to theaters on December 18 from a Galaxy far, far away and the EA’s Star Wars Battlefront concluding it’s record-breaking beta of over 9 million participants, it’s no secret the franchise is alive and well, even after what George Lucas tried to do.
So what do you do between playing the video game set to release on November 17 and the impending movie with almost a whole month in between? I know you smelly, nerd.
Take a shower.
But not just any shower. You can now bathe in the sweet, sweet tears of the Sith Lord himself. Produced by Oxygenics and distributed world wide by Bed Bath & Beyond, we introduce to you the Vader and R@-D2 showerhead models! Vader is slightly more expensive (30 USD) than the R2 model (25 USD), but again the tears thing. Both models have 3 different settings, which promise to save you as much as $85 per year.