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15 Throwback Internet Games

Laney Portelance   Even though most people nowadays have smart phones with countless apps to play with, there’s really nothing like a Flash game to keep you occupied for hours and remind you of simpler times. Here are 15 internet games you can still play. Have fun!   #1 Uniquez Doll Maker If you played


Her Story Review: Your Story

Her Story feels as fresh as an early-80’s text adventure game. Aside from a few side-gags in Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, and Frog Fractions, the mechanic of text entry-based gameplay has largely been relegated to searching Google for how to complete a puzzle in The Talos Principle or the second half of


Final Fantasy Tactics

The original Playstation was chock full of some legendary role playing games, including entries to the beloved Final Fantasy series. Today I have chosen to write about Final Fantasy Tactics. This game is one of the many pseudo 3-D, isometric tactical RPGs for the PS1. It is considered by many to be the “black sheep”