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Tales of Zestiria Review

Platform(s) available: PS3, PS4, PC Platform reviewed: PS4 It’s been a little while but here comes yet another Tales game. Making the franchise’s first appearance on the PS4 Tales of Zestiria has set its sights high introducing open world exploration along with seamlessly integrated battles in the landscape. For anyone out there wondering why this


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Review

After hitting the PlayStation Vita at the back end of last year, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment makes its way to the PlayStation 4. With some tweaked graphics, translations and a host of previously released DLC, Bandai Namco’s RPG offers a great deal but falls short in a few areas that could have set it apart.


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

The first person perspective in gaming is typically attributed to the shooter genre, while most adventure games are relegated to the third person perspective. After first releasing on PC last year, <em>The Vanishing of Ethan Carter</em> goes against the grain  by using the first person perspective in tandem with tone and atmosphere to create a serene and yet


God of War 3 Remastered Review

God of War 3 from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio was one of the very best first party exclusives for the PlayStation 3.  It was a technical masterpiece which showcased the console’s power, and a fitting conclusion to the storyline in a multi-console running trilogy.  We’ve seen more of Kratos since the original 2010 release, but


Best PS4 headsets to use with Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the most anticipated games on the PlayStation 4, was finally released on June 23rd of this year. Sony thought so much the title that they decided to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment for advertising, timed-exclusive DLC in addition to two system bundles. As fun as the sequel is, the


2015 E3 Highlights: Xbox and PS favorites

Wow was this year’s E3 incredible! So many gadgets (Morpheus and HoloLens) came to life on stage in Los Angeles but equally incredible is the amount of games we can expect to enjoy this year. If you want to know what E3 had to offer, I suggest you watch all of it. There really is