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The Legend of Zelda on Wii U to Come Out in 2016

Also Marks the Games 30th Anniversary on the NES   The action-adventure video game “The Legend of Zelda” on Wii U was first announced by Nintendo in January 2013. Since then everyone was anticipating the release of the game. But almost three years have passed after the announcement and there is still no sight of


Runbow Review for Wii U

When I met with the team from 13AM Games at Gamescom to see Runbow, one idea really resonated with me. To nearly every question that I asked of the developers, they began their response with something along the lines of: “well, players asked for ___, so we wanted to include it in the game to make


Retro Gaming Awesome Time: Top 5 Super Mario Games

Is there a bigger video game icon than Mario? I don’t think there is and today I take on a task, which will be impossible to please everyone – a top 5 list of Super Mario games. Though I’m sure the order would change, I can honestly write this list 10 times and the same


Swords & Darkness review

During the late eighties, games like Renegade, Double Dragon, and Final Fight established the fundamentals of the beat-‘em-up. Each game, as well as a slew of sequels and tacit descendants, permitted players to pummel opponents with a succession of impassioned button presses, insuring popularity for decades. But it was 1990’s River City Ransom (aka Downtown


New Nintendo game allows same-sex marriage between characters

This is the first time Nintendo has included an option for same-sex marriage within one of their video games. Today we applaud Nintendo for their decision to allow characters within their role playing game series Fire Emblem to marry characters of the same gender. The option has been included in the newest installment, Fire Emblem


2015 E3 Highlights: Best of Nintendo and Multi-platformers

Now that you’ve seen what Microsoft and Sony have in store for us this year, let’s take a gander at some of the cool stuff Nintendo and the other guys and gals had to show off at this years E3! Star Fox Zero – Wii U This is Nintendo’s big game for the Wii U


Nintendo At E3 2015

Nintendo gets lost in the shuffle a bit these days, but anyone who owns one can tell you the Wii U is stacked when it comes to exclusives. Sure the third party support is severely lacking, but Nintendo has the best of the best when it comes to first party content. So what will this