Retro Gaming Awesome Time: Top 5 Super Mario Games


Is there a bigger video game icon than Mario? I don’t think there is and today I take on a task, which will be impossible to please everyone – a top 5 list of Super Mario games. Though I’m sure the order would change, I can honestly write this list 10 times and the same titles would still be there. Just so we are clear, this list includes “normal” Mario games so no Mario Kart, Party or whatever.
Edit: Devising this list was way tougher than I thought and a couple of games came really, really close to making it. But after much work in the lab (my basement) this is what we’re left with.

No. 5 – Super Mario Bros 2

I spent so much time with this game as a kid and I did not care this was just a reskin of some Japanese game. Heck, it would be over a decade later until I found out that was the case. All I knew was that Super Mario Bros 2 was a fun game to play. It was radically different from the original Super Mario Bros , but I loved getting to play as characters other than Mario. The fact that the game is so different from the other Mario games makes this unique.

No. 4 – Super Mario Galaxy 2


This is one of the best looking Super Mario games ever made. Mario Galaxy 2 is just pure eye candy from start to finish. To go along with its good looks is a fun and exciting game with some of the most imaginative levels in the whole Mario universe and making use of all the cool and fun power ups (Bee Mario is a personal fave) getting through a level is always a fun time. Yoshi was brought back and he was a great help as he had power ups of his own. In all this is just an incredible game and what I consider to be the very best 3D Super Mario game. Sorry Mario 64 I love you too, but this game is just better.

No. 3 – Super Mario Bros 3


As a child I was like a rabid dog waiting for this game. I had to wait until Christmas to get my own copy, but a buddy of mine got it Day One and one morning before school we turned the TV right down so his mum would not hear us – we just kept on playing until his mum realized we were upstairs and 45 minutes late for school. Mario 3 took everything that was awesome in the original Super Mario Bros game and injected it with steroids. Each world had its own map, the game had the craziest power ups and in all it was fun to beat. This was a game you had to beat in one sitting as there was no save feature, but Super Mario Bros 3 was so much fun, you really didn’t care. Or if you were in the know, you could grab one of the hidden whistles and warp to a latter level.

No. 2 – Super Mario 3D World


This is one of the best games of this current console generation and one of the best that the Nintendo Wii U has to offer. Taking a similar formula to what Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS offered, Super Mario 3D World is in many ways, the perfect Mario game. It’s fun to play, easy to learn, but if you want to really beat the game then you better work at it and become a master as some levels, especially when getting those three green stars, are hard as nails! Multi-player is seen as a huge selling point for this game and I’ve had a lot of fun playing with my son. The controls in this game fit perfectly, and more importantly, this is one of those games where if you die there is no shouting that you were screwed. If you die, it’s because you did something wrong and you need to learn from it. This is just an awesome game in every single regard and reason enough to own a Wii U.

No. 1 – Super Mario World


Super Mario World is the absolute pinnacle of 2D Super Mario games. Like I said before, I loved Mario 3, but Mario World was just on a whole other level. It featured a ton of stages, many of them hidden, and requires you to have some skills or dumb, blind luck to find them. It may have toned down the power ups from Mario 3, but everything else was bigger, better and more badass in all regards. This game has been re-released multiple times over the years, but my favorite version is packaged with Super Mario All Stars + Mario World for the Super Nintendo.