Mass Effect: Andromeda Wait is Completely Worth It, Says BioWare Co-Founder


The fourth iteration to the popular space traveling video game “Mass Effect” has been previously reported to come out this year on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC. However, early this year, it has been moved back to a 2017 release, with no exact date given as of yet.

Some fans are getting worried that there might be a delay again especially considering that game developer BioWare has yet to make an announcement regarding the exact release date of the game on the gaming consoles and the PC next year.

However, Greg Zeschuk, retired co-founder of BioWare, recently issued a statement saying that fans should not be wary at all because their wait for the highly anticipated release of “Mass Effect 4″ is going to be completely worth it.

Zeschuk said that he is also an ordinary game enthusiast who is waiting for the game but he is quite confident that the long development process will be good for the game, having known the development team working on it for a long time, notes the Vine Report.

He added that “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” which shall be the official game title, is in good hands and that it will certainly not depart from the original theme that the franchise has been known for, allaying some of the fears of fans. He also said that the game is going to be pretty incredible and fans and gamers would surely be delighted with it when it finally comes out next year.

As he is no longer connected with the company, Zeschuk also said that the best thing about leaving BioWare is being able to play BioWare games without knowing everything that is going to happen. He expressed confidence in the BioWare development team and how they are doing the games.

A spinoff rather than a sequel

It seems that the concern of some gamers that “Mass Effect 4” will deviate from the storyline emanated from the fact that the upcoming installment of the game is more of a spinoff rather than a sequel.

Apparently, “Mass Effect: Andromeda” will have new maps, new location, and new characters which were requested by fans themselves. It will also come out as the very first “Mass Effect” game with a multiplayer mode.

It will also be the first “Mass Effect” game that shall no longer have Commander Shepard in it. But the game’s mode of transportation in Mako shall remain the same, details Crossmap.

But Mac Walters, creative director of BioWare, assured fans of the franchise that “Mass Effect: Andromeda” won’t be disconnected from the other games in the franchise.

He said that they are looking at bringing back the sense of wonder and exploration to the game that was there in the original trilogy. He added that they want to ensure that they are stepping up the game so that it won’t come out as a “Mass Effect” game with shiny new features.

Walters explained that they are doing it by having deep characters and a compelling story with choices that matter. He also explained their decision to take out Commander Shepard from the game because with the character around, gamers arrive on the scene as a hero and they were called forward from there. But for “Mass Effect 4,” Walters said that they are looking at it as more of a hero’s journey or how the gamer becomes a legend and what it takes to get there.

A massive game

mass effect 4

When reports started coming out last year that the upcoming action role-playing third-person shooter video game “Mass Effect 4” will be massive, gamers have no idea how big it is going to be.

The fourth iteration of the franchise will actually have four times the size of the galaxy map of “Mass Effect 3” according to BioWare.

The game developer also disclosed that “Mass Effect: Andromeda” shall also feature new protagonists that may have something to do with the N7.

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