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The best games on current-gen consoles

Hey Watchtower devotees! It’s crazy to think about, but we’re about 18 months into this current console generation and while it was slow going in the first year, there have been a handful of awesome, if not revolutionary releases so far. Today my friends I’m listing the top 5 next-gen console games! By the end


Experiencing UK’s North East Retro Gaming Convention

Over this past weekend the UK held its 3rd Annual North East Retro Gaming (NERG) event on June 20-21 at Gateshead International Stadium where my son and I spent all of Saturday. We’ve been all three years and the decision was unanimous between the two of us: this one was, by far, the best. While


Halo 5: Where Master Chief at?

One of the biggest games coming out in 2015 is Halo 5: Guardians and 343 Studios has just done an incredible job of keeping the campaign under wraps. Snippets of gameplay and trailers can be found online here and there, but pretty much the whole story is spoiled-free. Not many other game series can make


Street Fighter V: Leaks and Info for the PS4 Exclusive

I have been playing Street Fighter for over 20 years. This tells you two things: 1. I’m old (by your standards) and 2. I have had a lot of experience with it over the years. Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360 and PS3 was incredible and a game I spent hours and hours with. Now

Can I haz all the E3 game trailers plz?

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers and tech nerds alike as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3, is set to begin at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 16-18, 2015. One of our staff writers already dropped a bunch of hopefuls and wish-list ideas, so I’m

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter has 28 hours left, sets record as most funded video game

Going against the grain, Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi appealed to gamers around the world stating in his recent Kickstarter video that the Castlevania-style is no longer popular. Igarashi, who drinks wine and meanders through a dark, gothic castle doesn’t care. He already has a legacy with his former production, but he hasn’t given up on

Retro Gaming Awesome Time

Retro Gaming Awesome Time: Dude, Where’s My Game Franchise?

Hello fellow gamers. Today in Retro Gaming Awesome Time, we are going to scratch our heads and look at some gaming franchises that yielded popularity, sold decently, but for some reason have disappeared, more or less. Check out this list of game franchises that make me say at least a few times a year “man