Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Walkthrough Gameplay Part 11 BACK TO THE COLD PLACES !

Rise of the Tomb Raider Windows PC Walkthrough Gameplay Part 11 includes gameplay of back to the cold places mission (wut? :P) on very high to max settings in 60fps. Full walkthrough gameplay of Rise of the Tomb Raider PC game will include full story, all missions and brief review. This series will also have


Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Nintendo Wii U)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo/Tantalus Genre: Action/Adventure Release Date: 3/4/2016 Despite longtime rumors that it might be in the works, the existence of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD still came as a surprise to me. After all, the Wii version of the game is still playable on


Stories: The Path of Destinies Review

A fairy tale ending?…… Game: Stories: The Path of DestiniesDeveloper: Spearhead GamesPublisher: Spearhead GamesReviewed on: PlayStation 4 (Review code provided by publisher) If you are reading this, I’m sure that you remember getting read a bedtime story from a parent when you was a young child. Those books that you seemed to love even after your Mom or Dad


Game Review: Stardew Valley

(Photo credit / BUGA) Genre: RPG, Farming Sim Developer: ConcernedApe Platforms: PC Rating: 4.5 / 5 I almost failed my assignments this week to bring you this review! If that’s not an indicator of how good this game is, I dunno what is!  Upon his deathbed, your grandfather gives you a letter that you’re only to


Review: DiRT Rally

There are quite a few developers you can rely on to produce a quality game nowadays. Ubisoft have pretty much nailed the open world genre for example, Naughty Dog are long standing masters of the story-driven action-adventure game, and if you want to experience some intense, high quality racing you turn to Codemasters. Since the


The Banner Saga 2 Hands On Impressions: Adding A Unique Spin To The Original Formula

It has been two years since The Banner Saga originally came out for the PC. Created by ex-BioWare developers, the RPG promised a bleak story with weighty choices and consequences and engaging combat. It released to some great reviews, including our own, and despite some of its shortcomings, the word was out: this first chapter

Moon Hunters Review

Not a full moon.   Genre: Action RPG, Roguelike Platform Played On: PC     What if I told you that you could go on an adventure, see a foreign and exotic world, and have your tale told in the stars for all of eternity? Will you be remembered for your compassion or for how