7 Famous People Who Play Hearthstone

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Adults play video games. Deal with it. In a study last year by Entertainment Software Association, it was determined that women over 18 comprised of 36% of the gaming population (including mobile, PC and console platforms. Adult males accounted for 35% of the population while teenage boys (under 18) only make up 17% of the gaming demographic – contrary to popular belief. With so many adults now admitting to playing games, we were able to find some notable figures who openly play Hearthstone.

#1 Daniel Negreanu

Known for being one of the best poker players in the world, Negreanu is also an avid Hearthstone player. His favorite class is mage, and he enjoys playing tempo mage. He just recently got the golden hero.

If you are a @playhearthstone nerd then you know how cool this is! #500Wins

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#2 Avicci

The Dj is known to play hearthstone during his down time. I don’t believe he takes the game too seriously, but he actively plays nonetheless.


#3 Zedd

His friend Avicii got him into the game and his interested spiraled from there.


#4 Hunter Pence

This guy is a professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants and he’s one of their best players both at the plate and in the outfield. Yeah that’s right, the World Series Champ is a hearthstone player. Contrary to his name however, we have no reason to believe that he mains a hunter. He also likes to stream on Twitch when he plays.

#5 Adrianne Curry

She won America’s Next Top Model. Did a few playboy covers and had some jam sessions with Howard Stern. We figured this qualified her as a celebrity. While she is not very good at playing hearthstone, she does it quite often and even streams.

#6 Tay Zonday

Yeah, the chocolate rain guy. He plays hearthstone and finished last season rank 6, which is pretty decent. He also likes to stream.

#7 Bertrand Grospellier

Bertrand Grospellier is another famous poker player who enjoys Hearthstone. He goes by the name of Elky and streams occasionally.
Written by Danny Kamen