2015 E3 Highlights: Xbox and PS favorites


Wow was this year’s E3 incredible! So many gadgets (Morpheus and HoloLens) came to life on stage in Los Angeles but equally incredible is the amount of games we can expect to enjoy this year. If you want to know what E3 had to offer, I suggest you watch all of it. There really is no excuse not to: you can find everything you could possible imagine on their YouTube channel. But if you’re lazy, strapped for time, or have an abysmal internet connection, you can check out some highlights ranked by yours truly. Before you lose your cool after realizing only Xbox and PS games are below, take a moment, and understand this is a two-parter and that Nintendo and the other guys are featured there.


Final Fantasy VII – PlayStation 4 (for now)

Please excuse the language here, but Square Enix has been c*ckteasing us with Final Fantasy VII for a while now. Honestly, I was at the point where, never in a million years, I thought this would actually happen. Well I stand corrected as viewers got a glimpse of Cloud, Midgar and the whole world (from what we were shown) looked incredible. Final Fantasy VII was one of the most emotional and exciting stories ever played. A point was made to say that this game is exclusive to Playstation 4 – for now. So it is sure to show up on the Xbox One at some point.


ReCore – Xbox One

The teaser trailer for ReCore was quite impressive. It began by showing a young woman walking alone with a robot dog in a sandy wasteland. Then the dog sacrifices himself (I think it’s a he) to destroy these spider-looking drones that attack him. The robot dog leaves behind a blue orb, which is then used to bring a robot to life. It looked pretty damn cool and any time a game has a development team consisting of Keiji Inafune and the guys behind the Metroid Prime series, you better believe the world of gamers are interested.

Shenmue III – PlayStation 4

I was not the biggest fan of the Shenmue series on the Sega Dreamcast, but I did get into it a little bit more with Shenmue 2 on the original Xbox. The mere fact that this game exists is amazing. It went to Kickstarter to be partially funded (with Sony also footing some of the bill) and it smashed its goal of $2 million in no time at all! Will this become a full on sequel? A reboot? A retelling of the first game? Or maybe it will be something new altogether?


Gears Of War 4 and Ultimate Edition – Xbox One

Not a great deal was shown for Gears Of War 4 as most of the focus was on the Ultimate Edition of the original game, which looks awesome by the way. I love the Gears Of War series, but the first game has not aged as gracefully as the other two. Anyway, Gears Of War 4 looked very interesting; Marcus Fenix was nowhere to be found! Instead it was compatriot JD and an unnamed woman in a pitch-black city, under attack from some creepy looking creatures. The short trailer we saw was jumpy and actually pretty scary. The Gears series was one of the best new IP’s of last generation and honestly reason enough to own an Xbox One. Here’s to hoping Marcus Fenix makes at least a cameo in Gears Of War 4.

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