15 Throwback Internet Games

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Laney Portelance
Even though most people nowadays have smart phones with countless apps to play with, there’s really nothing like a Flash game to keep you occupied for hours and remind you of simpler times. Here are 15 internet games you can still play. Have fun!

#1 Uniquez Doll Maker

If you played this game, you’ll remember the seemingly endless outfit combinations, the fun of making dolls that looked like your friends, and the optional wings you could add –as soon as all the pieces loaded, that is!

#2 Territory War

Oh the glory of stick figures with exploding heads. In the early 2000’s, you could sit and play stick wars for hours, naming the enemy team after people you didn’t like and cheering when you got a perfect HEADSHOT!

#3 Pandemic

For some reason, killing off the entire world population was a legitimate source of joy. We just had to stick around and watch the death count rise while we engineered the perfect virus or bacteria. But there was always that stubborn country that closed their borders before infection set in. Sorry Australia, but your time is up.

#4 Tetris

Everyone and their brother played this game in computer class during free time. My teacher challenged us to beat her high score. No one ever did.

#5Bubble Shooter

Here’s another cult classic school game. There was something so addictive about taking out those bubbles. You could play for hours just for a shot at winning even once.

#6 Lilo & Stitch Sandwich Stacker

I guarantee that the popularity of food-stacking smartphone games came from the hours us 90s kids spent stacking sandwiches with Stitch.

#7 Bow-Man

It’s a pretty simple concept: draw and release. But that never stopped anyone from playing this game until their fingers went numb.

#8 Desktop Destroyer

This free downloadable game kept me entertained for many afternoons as a kid. I liked to put a few hundred ants on the screen, and then kill them all with the paintball gun, but there are many more options for ‘destroying’ your desktop to explore.

#9 Neopets

Technically, Neopets includes many games, but it’s still up on the internet, waiting for more users to create and play with their pets. And for some, neglect, I suppose.

#10 Line Rider

The design of Line Rider is simple: you draw a line, and the rider tries to ride it. It’s more difficult than it looks, but equally as addictive as anything on this list.

#11 The Helicopter Game

No one has ever invented a Flash game more addicting and infuriating than this one. All you have to do is keep the helicopter from touching the green obstacles. Your success is measured in distance traveled. See you in about seven years!

#12 Bloons

A cross between Bubble Shooter and Bow-Man, Bloons lets you play as a monkey with a limited number of darts to shoot at balloons. The bright colors and addicting levels make this game a superior time waster.

# 13 Spank the Monkey

You literally just . . . spank the monkey. As hard and fast as you can.

#14 Desktop Tower Defense

Probably one of the most popular strategy games on the internet, Tower Defense is all the fun of a battle board game for your computer, except it’s on your desk for some reason. Don’t ask questions, just enjoy.

#15 Pac-Man